World Premier!! US-Tourvideo online!!

World Premier right here on our Website!

Finally the long forgotten and long thought to-be-never-released Tour Video of our US-Tour of 2007 sees the light of the day!

Follow the Tangled Lines on their adventure trough the wild-east coast of the US of A to master the english language!

Experience the live-energy of an immaturely foolish and slobby the Tangled Lines of 5 Years ago!  

Meet other infamous american people in their young and fresh prime!

Shock yourself with this humble first steps of  pauls video-editing career. 

Join our happiness in discovering vegan restaurants and dishes in quantities we never thought possible!

Be there as we spread the message and teach life-saving german phrases to american folks!

Astonish each other with the interesting metamorphosis of stage costumes from night to night!

Get to know our 5 years younger selves and be happy that this time is long over!!

and finaly enjoy as-close-as-it-gets footage from inside the van and places you thought filming was impossible. What happened on this tour, definitely not stayed there! You wont be missing any quarrel, any fight, any unfinished joke. This video is touring!

 Watch the Feature-Film-Lenght (sic) the Tangled Lines US-Tour 2007 Video!!!

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