Ten Years The Tangled Lines!!!

Wow! This week The Tangled Lines turned 10! Thats quite old, won’t you think?
Well we certainly don’t feel that old, otherwise we would have had set up a prober anniversary party.

Actually there were a couple of years when not much happened in our band. So saying we are now an active band for 10 years won’t work that well. It would kinda feel like lying to yourself.  But in the end its just a number so no hard feelings but its still strange to look at a picture of our first show that appeared on our enter page.
It was taken on 7th of December 2001 at the AZ Conni in Dresden. Yup, analoge film camera. Back then there weren’t even digital cameras kids! Not even mentioning Mobilephones with cameras. I think i got my first mobile phone that year though.

10 years in numbers
Total amount of-
shows: 239
practise rooms: 3
songs: 25
coversongs: 10
drivers: 8
roadies: 37
practises: 93
temporary band members: 3
ex singers: 1
kilometres: 446982
miles: 277 741
offspring: 1 (soon)
countries: 24
continents: 2
fans: 4520
total band age: 116
side projects: 21
vegan years: 16
vegetarian years: 15
shows in W. Germany: 24
shows in Dresden: 40
shows in Poland: 13
shows in Berlin: 7
flights: 4

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