It’s the end, my friend!!!

After a moment of calm, where we were holding hands another, after taking a step back and seeing it all from a distance, we decided to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable

Yes! The Tangled Lines will finally put an end to it!
We’ll hang up our fiddle.
The Band has run its course, it will cease to be, abort, break up, quit, call it a day, close, culminate, repudiate, expire, finish, get done, pack it in, perorate, pull the plug, sew up, shut down.
It will be our future ex-band.
Nous allons y mettre fin.
We’re gonna wrap it up.
Der Vorhang wird fallen.
We’re gonna put the lid on it.
C’est le commencement de la fin.

After weary years, were we felt lucky to manage to get together to play a show – not even mentioning practising – we realized it makes no sense to continue as a zombie band. A band whose members will meet each other maybe two, three times a year despite them sharing the same parents! A band that keeps canceling show offers since there is simply no time and no space to get all of us oh-so-busy people together.

To make one thing clear. We didn’t really outgrew the Tangled Lines suit. It’s still the best fitting outfit we can ever put on! And we really enjoyed all the rare occasions to dress up in it in the previous years! In fact there was light in the end of the tunnel in 2011, were we wore this costume an astonishing number of 6 times throughout the year. The TTL feeling was defintitely there. Yet we have to face reality at some time.

But that time is not here yet so we decided to off ourself with a BANG! (not literally speaking)
We got a couple of shows confirmed in the end of July.
FLUFF FEST in Rokycany, Czech Republic 20th-22nd July
After Fluff Show in Prague, Czech Republic 23rd July
SHAKSHUKA Fest in Dresden, Germany 27th July
Very Final Show in Berlin, Germany 29th July
and more to come! (before the final show of course)

Also in May we are going to record some new songs. They will be released by Refuse Records in time for the Fluff Fest and our last shows! More info on that Soon!

It looks like in the end we are finally getting organised!
OR: En toute chose il faut considerer la fin.

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