This is it! Complete Final Tour Report!

Paul drew this on the way to the last show. I still think he didnt quite catch Luisa so well.

So this band is now history. Its sad and at the same time happy news, because this final burst of Tangled Lines, the last record and the final tour we played, were the best times we ever had, period.
I’m so happy that we managed to get together for a last time, celebrate these anthems of ours (hihi), worship dressing up in our costumes, spreading positivity and fun and last but not least share all this together with you people. It was you who made it to the show and who made all this worthwile. It was you who were supportive troughout the years and gave us reason.

The final tour was amazing! Fluff fest, as our first show since September last year, was a real blast. While the stage was quite big, comparing to the last time we played there. It felt even bigger since we were left alone on it, losing track of eachother ’cause of the “no camping on stage” policy (we had a dilemma finding a place for our crew to back us up!) but after all i think we managed quite ok.

After Fluff show in Prague was great simply because of the location. It was in a cafe in the middle of a small park in the centre of the city. The sun shone mercilessly which was a relief after three days of wet socks at fluff fest. The small place proofed to be a real treat for us, still shocked from the big stage one day before, and we were as tight as in our best times five years ago.
After the show we went for a vegan friendly restaurant, and who imagined it, they served great food for us considering it was half past 11 already.

On Tuesday we managed to join a show on the last minute at the baracke in Muenster which was cool for nostalgic reasons since we played there once in 2004. Well since then the place shrinked a bit(like litterally, they torn down the old building and built a new baracke on the same ground just a bit smaller) but it was still fun to play just for the sake of it. Maz of Spastic Fantastic who was about to release our discography tapes due to be release in august because we missed a couple of deadlines, had a nice suprise for us. The discography tapes were ready!! Reeeaallly nice to have them on our final tour!

He and some friends did a show for us in Kamen the next day. The weather was real nice and since it was a short drive we went to swim in the muensteranian channel which was a quite an urban experience of swimming in nature. The show was cool. We reached a state of musical tightness unknown to us for a couple of years since we never played more than two shows in a row since 2008. Luisa was tatooing all of the italian guys of Left in Ruins with a nice tour tatoo after the show. Yes, Luisa was selling small Tangled Lines tour tatoos (or any other small tatoos you can imagine) and was tatooing people right there on the spot. Pretty good idea if you ask me.

Sailaway! The Tangled Lines

The next show in Frankfurt a/M was calling for a stop on the lake and it must have been the hottest day this year. Just on the way to the water we all burned our feet in the sand! The show in Frankfurt was put on by the Veganterthaler which was a vegan-kongfu teaching-martial arts lover with a great collection of obscure things all connected with martial arts and cheesy music. I was excited to meet new interesting people even after so many years of moving around the german scene. And, yes the show was also really great. Love Channel was playing and they were in-your-face-awesome.

The following day was our home-run show at the Shakshuka Fest in Dresden. The second edition of this festival was held at this really nice place called “Scheune” which is right in the centre of all the action in Dresden. Also the height of the stage was perfect for stagediving and so was it! For us it was definitely one of the last shows with the highest anticipation. So many friends and family came to the show. At times it was quite unsettling because more than small talk was impossible with so many people to talk to.
Anyway, as the second to last band of that night, we entered the stage and it was a blast from the first minute. So many stage dives that even Scott Vogel would have been pleased. Thanks to Hello Kebab and the P7 collective. It was the first show of our final tour when it slowly dawned upon us that this will be finished soon. Quite sad. Also the Discography tapes were sold out too soon for many friends to grap one, but luckily we now have them again back in stock.

Wolfi was really happy when he managed to book us to the show in Hannover with Sick Fix and Coke Bust. Both bands have a strong connection to the Tangled Lines History. On our US tour in 2007 we played with them a couple of times and stayed at their homes. Both bands drummer Chris fixed Wolfis bassdrum pedal back then with providing some spare parts. This generous act Wolfi would never forget. This connection never faded and when we finally met again it really didn’t feel like 5 years have passed. Both bands were as furious and “awesome” like back in the days and we clicked like we never unclicked.  The show was great. It really had this old Tangled Lines whipe again, were we would do stupid things and play tons of coversongs. In the end of our set people were still longing for more, so we improvised some coversongs, partly with help from Sick Fix’s guitarplayer. It was fun. Thanks a lot Ploonz and Mario!!

Setlist of the final Show in Koma F

The final show was now on our doorstep and with an aching heart we took it upon us. Unfortunately, because of schedule confusion (in other words Wolfi fucked it up), we didn’t manage to find a place that would suit a final show size-wise and celebrational wise. Anyway we always loved to play at the Koma F under the Köpi but for our last show we hoped for something (anything) bigger just so that all people and friends could fit inside, which was sometimes a problem before (yes… too many people). Anyway the show kicked off at a Berlin-untypical starting time at 9:30 with Tyrannicide, who we got befriended with already a long time ago. Their singer Gabi was on tour with us for a couple of days already back in 2003/2004. The second band Hunger from the US were really good friends of Luise so it was great to have them with us on that important day. Meanwhile it appeared what was anticipated but also feared, that too many people will show up for the show. Again we were running back and forth between long-time-no-see friends, for short talks,  and the organizers Robert and Jenni, to debate what to do. In the end we decided for plan g (plan a to f was already used up way before) which consisted of us playing two sets.
So we entered the stage right after Hunger for the first of our sets and it really was as tear-shedding as a final show should be. Of course we stil had the clock ticking and so we left the stage for As We Were, who were on tour with Hunger.
After they finished we again dressed up (for the last time) and the second chunk of die hard fans waiting to see us was entering. Our Friend and tour roadie Ægir gave a summarizing speech about his experiences on tour with us and it really would have been a compassionate speech for everyone who was in the room at this point. Unfortunately it was impossible to understand, it was in Icelandic.
So we kicked off! Not as tired as expected by playing two shows in one hour, pumped up by adrenalin we jumped into our final set! It was all we could give and it was great. We finished with many coversongs (one song sung by Ægir) and even started to play the whole set again since it was asked by the audience. But it turned out that people didn’t really know what they want.
Paul had to go to work at six in the morning and we barely made it on time. We had to bring Robert home, unload everything at the practise room. I think we finally made it at 5:30, Paul took a shower and went to work. We fell into our beds with smiles on our faces and tears in the eyes.


Discography Tapes out now!!!!

Discography Tapes out now!!

The Discography Tapes – Spastic Fantastic/Twintoe Records

Its amazing and unbelievable! But the Discography Tapes are out even on our tour!!

Featuring 40 songs in total,including rare demo songs and tons of covers.

Get them while we are still on tour until Sunday!!

Show in Baracke

Our last “to be announced” tourdate got fixed. We gonna play at the Baracke in Muenster on Tuesday 24th. See you there!!

First new songs from “STACY” 12″

Exciting! We are happy to present you the first new songs of Tangled Lines since 2007! They are taken from our upcoming 12″ EP “STACY” on Refuse Records. The Tangled Lines - Stacy Cover
The Tangled Lines – 15 Min Of Fame lyrics
The Tangled Lines – Rush & Rest lyrics
The Tangled Lines – No Labels lyrics

It’s the end, my friend!!!

After a moment of calm, where we were holding hands another, after taking a step back and seeing it all from a distance, we decided to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable

Yes! The Tangled Lines will finally put an end to it!
We’ll hang up our fiddle.
The Band has run its course, it will cease to be, abort, break up, quit, call it a day, close, culminate, repudiate, expire, finish, get done, pack it in, perorate, pull the plug, sew up, shut down.
It will be our future ex-band.
Nous allons y mettre fin.
We’re gonna wrap it up.
Der Vorhang wird fallen.
We’re gonna put the lid on it.
C’est le commencement de la fin.

After weary years, were we felt lucky to manage to get together to play a show – not even mentioning practising – we realized it makes no sense to continue as a zombie band. A band whose members will meet each other maybe two, three times a year despite them sharing the same parents! A band that keeps canceling show offers since there is simply no time and no space to get all of us oh-so-busy people together.

To make one thing clear. We didn’t really outgrew the Tangled Lines suit. It’s still the best fitting outfit we can ever put on! And we really enjoyed all the rare occasions to dress up in it in the previous years! In fact there was light in the end of the tunnel in 2011, were we wore this costume an astonishing number of 6 times throughout the year. The TTL feeling was defintitely there. Yet we have to face reality at some time.

But that time is not here yet so we decided to off ourself with a BANG! (not literally speaking)
We got a couple of shows confirmed in the end of July.
FLUFF FEST in Rokycany, Czech Republic 20th-22nd July
After Fluff Show in Prague, Czech Republic 23rd July
SHAKSHUKA Fest in Dresden, Germany 27th July
Very Final Show in Berlin, Germany 29th July
and more to come! (before the final show of course)

Also in May we are going to record some new songs. They will be released by Refuse Records in time for the Fluff Fest and our last shows! More info on that Soon!

It looks like in the end we are finally getting organised!
OR: En toute chose il faut considerer la fin.

World Premier!! US-Tourvideo online!!

World Premier right here on our Website!

Finally the long forgotten and long thought to-be-never-released Tour Video of our US-Tour of 2007 sees the light of the day!

Follow the Tangled Lines on their adventure trough the wild-east coast of the US of A to master the english language!

Experience the live-energy of an immaturely foolish and slobby the Tangled Lines of 5 Years ago!  

Meet other infamous american people in their young and fresh prime!

Shock yourself with this humble first steps of  pauls video-editing career. 

Join our happiness in discovering vegan restaurants and dishes in quantities we never thought possible!

Be there as we spread the message and teach life-saving german phrases to american folks!

Astonish each other with the interesting metamorphosis of stage costumes from night to night!

Get to know our 5 years younger selves and be happy that this time is long over!!

and finaly enjoy as-close-as-it-gets footage from inside the van and places you thought filming was impossible. What happened on this tour, definitely not stayed there! You wont be missing any quarrel, any fight, any unfinished joke. This video is touring!

 Watch the Feature-Film-Lenght (sic) the Tangled Lines US-Tour 2007 Video!!!

Ten Years The Tangled Lines!!!

Wow! This week The Tangled Lines turned 10! Thats quite old, won’t you think?
Well we certainly don’t feel that old, otherwise we would have had set up a prober anniversary party.

Actually there were a couple of years when not much happened in our band. So saying we are now an active band for 10 years won’t work that well. It would kinda feel like lying to yourself.  But in the end its just a number so no hard feelings but its still strange to look at a picture of our first show that appeared on our enter page.
It was taken on 7th of December 2001 at the AZ Conni in Dresden. Yup, analoge film camera. Back then there weren’t even digital cameras kids! Not even mentioning Mobilephones with cameras. I think i got my first mobile phone that year though.

10 years in numbers
Total amount of-
shows: 239
practise rooms: 3
songs: 25
coversongs: 10
drivers: 8
roadies: 37
practises: 93
temporary band members: 3
ex singers: 1
kilometres: 446982
miles: 277 741
offspring: 1 (soon)
countries: 24
continents: 2
fans: 4520
total band age: 116
side projects: 21
vegan years: 16
vegetarian years: 15
shows in W. Germany: 24
shows in Dresden: 40
shows in Poland: 13
shows in Berlin: 7
flights: 4

Thank You Shakshuka!!

In spite of the fact that Shakshuka is supposed to be a non vegan dish we really enjoyed our spontanous concert in Dresden. Thanks to everyone who came and made this first edition of this Festival a success! Write us if you want to see your photographs/videos on our website or if you want to book a show for us!!

Amazing new website!!

Hey Everyone. I took the opportunity, since we gonna play a few shows,  to create a nice new website for us. The last one ( hasn’t been updated for quite a while I guess (actually since twothousand-fucking-eight!!). So i hope you enjoy this new product….. New pictures and possible new songs are gonna be uploaded here soon. Also some of the old stuff will appear here as well. But of course you will still have access to the old website at all times. Take care and stay posi!!