***review from Plastic Bomb zine:


[Nikt Nic Nie Wie]

Here comes the antifascist D-Beat commando from Warsaw. Drip of Lies exist since 2008 and are making great Crust-Punk in the style of Wolfbrigade, while they don’t manage to surpass them musically. Then maybe they sound more like the german Lies feed the machine. Like many of the other bands in this genre they dont really make anything new, but im fully pleased with what they offer. Great Riffs, blunt voice and a pushing, rattling drumset. Top!

It seems to be a fashion at the moment to re release older releases of Bands onto CD. In this case its the 7″EP from 2010, the demo of 2008 and some contribution to a sampler. Also not really new: English singing, dark lyrics about suffering, pain and the end of the world, made by technically talented musicians. And off course there is spidery writing on the cover. The only thing new is that its actually a crust- and not a hardcore band. But we dont want to think in boxes don’t we.

But that should’nt minimize the the general impression of this cd, cause also here the quality logo of NNNW provides the usually high standart and is really convincing. Who likes Crust is really not doing anything wrong with this release. -henni-

***review from Ox Fanzine # 96:


“Drip of lies” is a short but fine compilation of songs that this polish five-piece by same name made troughout the years. For people who dont listen with much attention all the crust bands sound the same anyway, but there are huge differences in the details.

Drip of lies cultivated their punk influences and added also some slightly melancholic riffs. Rough direction is Tragedy with its copycats. The vocals are rough but are sung by only one voice contrary to the other bands in this genre. The drumming changes between tribal beats and classical D-Beat.

The songs are taken from the self-titled seven inch from April 2010, the demo from the year before and from a compilation. All songs were remastered and don’t differ much soundwise. It’s worth it!!!

(Dr. Oliver Fröhlich)

***short review from TRUST zine # 149:

Drip Of Lies – s/t CD

Heavy D-Beat like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. This polish band is so close to their obvious influences that Drip Of Lies could easily be a Tragedy Cover band. Not new but solid! (christian)

Raw,distorted hardcore punk.Founded in Warsaw in 2008.

Support d.i.y ,vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and antifascism.